How GPS combined with Telematics improve your fleet operation?


You must be aware with the word GPS device. You have a rough idea of how it works — it navigates you to your destination with useful, turn-by-turn directions from your current location.

But your business can also benefit from Telematics!

What is Telematics, and is it allied to the GPS unit you currently use?

Telematics could help your fleet business using OBD ii tracking device. It has served lots of fleets save on fuel, maintenance and compliance costs while augmenting efficiency and productivity. Further, the tracker can also provide dependable navigation for your drivers.

Telematics data can provide a lot of diverse things but as it applies to fleets it entails using data or information collected from a network or group of associated vehicles.

Essentially, Telematics can alter your fleet from a bunch of disparate, separate vehicles into a consistent, organized fleet working together toward common goals.

Telematics and GPS — what’s the correlation?

So what do Telematics and GPS have to do with each other? They are not opposing systems; rather, GPS is used as part of a Telematics solution.

A GPS receiver collects real-time data about the current location and status of the vehicle. Telematics data from car tracking device takes that data and sends it via the cellular network to app and application. From there, the data can be processed, converted into usable information and accessed to connected device.

GPS is at the heart of the Telematics system, collecting key data such as asset operation, location, engine status — in fact, just about any vehicle metric can be monitored by a GPS unit linked to the vehicle’s electronics. Telematics highlights the probable of GPS and used to improve business efficiency, predominantly in modern fleets.

Navigation from Telematics – using GPS!

GPS is commonly used to navigate drivers competently to their destination. An OBD tracking device by ThinkRace Technology includes a completely featured navigation solution that has been particularly designed for commercial drivers. The tracker features a number of benefits not usually available with consumer GPS (free) solutions.

Why get OBD GPS car tracker device?

The subsistence of this network of connected vehicles with GPS receivers means fleet managers no longer have to run their business mostly in the dark — they know where all vehicles are and what they are doing. A few benefits accomplished by fleets using Telematics embrace:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Fuel economy increased
  • Economical driving improved
  • Harsh braking incidents decreased
  • Engine idle time down
  • Driving hours (windshield time) decreased

GPS fleet data creates managers more conscious of what’s happening, what’s costing them and how they can work more professionally. Operating a fleet without Telematics is a bit like trying to drive the speed limit without having a speedometer; without a clear gauge.

A GPS Telematics system can give you a clear dashboard of everything from miles driven to extreme idling. In fact, you will find that a good Telematics solution can provide an optimistic return on the preliminary investment.

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